Tartışma Metinleri - 1201

Atılım University Department of Economics Discussion Paper Series Discussion Paper No. 1201, March 2012
Agrarian Transformation: Power and Dominance in Markets Evidences From Turkey
Özgür Bor


This paper argues that there is a dominancy of globalized capital over agriculture after 1980s and thus, the relations of production has transformed to a more market oriented system. New institutions have come into the picture establishing the links between small producers and larger markets. This process of transformation structured globally in which the principles, norms and rules of behavior, regulating the agriculture are restructured by the dominant powers on the basis of mutual dependency and cooperation. The policies consistent to the current neoliberal paradigm are established in the agriculture where the solutions are generalized by ignoring the differences in structures. Finally, the capital gains dominancy over the stages of food system from production to selves. In this paper, the above mentioned process is studied in detail. By using some industry samples from Turkey how this process is settled and functioned is also investigated

Keywords:Power, vertical integration, tobacco, dairy, poultry, Turkey

JEL Codes:F22, J61, O15