Discussion Papers

Number TOPIC Author(s) Date Abstract Download
0701 Brain Drain from Turkey: The Case of Professionals Abroad Nil Demet Güngör and Aysıt Tansel June 2007 Abstract pdf
0702 Globalization, Governance and the Transnationalization of a Secondary Contender State M. G. Şenalp, Ö. Şenalp
and E. Şengör
August 2007 Abstract pdf
0703 An Alternative Political Power Model, A Universal Mythos or A Meta-Narration: Global Governance? Mehmet Gürsan Şenalp September 2007 Abstract pdf
0704 The Engineers and the Economists in the Face of Power and Market Relations: Economists’ New Class Conditions in the 21th Century Mehmet Gürsan Şenalp October 2007 Abstract pdf
0801 Globalization of National Economies, 1975-2005 M.İsmihan, H. Olgun
and F. M. U. İsmihan
March 2008 Abstract pdf
0802 A Simulation Study of Industry Dynamics Seyit Mümin Cilasun and
Andaç Töre Şamiloğlu
March 2008 Abstract pdf
1201 Agrarian Transformation: Power and Dominance in Markets Evidences From Turkey Özgür Bor Mart 2012 Abstract pdf
1202 Philosophy vs. Political Economy: The Case of Porn-thesis in a Turkish University Bülent Temel March 2012 Abstract pdf
1601 The Dual Adjustment Approach With an Application to the Consumption Function Mustafa İsmihan July 2016 Abstract