Why Study Economics?

The history of civilization has numerous great ideas that changed the fate of the human kind.  Most of these great ideas that led to social and political transformations are economic ideas.  Philosophers like David Ricardo, Jean-Baptiste Say or Adam Smith introduced the basic principles and mechanisms of classical economics, which laid the groundwork for economists like John Maynard Keynes and Robert Mundell to produce works that  highlight the role demand and supply in economics, respectively.  Ideas from Karl Polanyi or Karl Marx had great impact on the lives of many nations, and continue to inspire critiques of the capitalist mechanism.  Having caused great transformations and effects, economic inquiry has been a stimulating as well as challenging endeavor as it blends the knowledge in social and natural sciences.  The Department of Economics at Atılım University is a school of economics that provides an excellent environment to learn and further economic thought with its structure that offers various competing theories and encourages their scholarly discussion.