Ecem Özbek
I experienced Atılım University’s warmth the first time in 2008.  In my first few days, I was nervous with a sense of responsibility as a college student who had years of study ahead of her.  I am currently a sophomore at the economics program, and when I look back, I realize that those concerns were unfounded.  It is a priviledge to study economics at Atılım as it expands a person’s horizon and aspirations.  Like many people, I was shy about dreaming my self at high places and keeping my goals high when I started college.  As time passed, however, I learned how a person who experiences the joy of success becomes motivated even futher.  The exceptional faculty at Atılım University facilitates people to fulfill their potential –personally and educationally.  I am pleased and proud to be a member of the Atılım family that made me a different Ecem Özbek with more opportunities in the future.

Havva Serim
The economics education I had at Atılım University gave me a new perspective that reoriented my life.  I developed skills to form my own ideas and expressing them.  Their influence on me was so profound that I decided to pursue a career as an academic, and am very pleased to work as a research assistant at Atılım University today.  It is great pleasure and prividledge for me to be an Atılım alumnus and staff.  I find the warm atmosphere at Atılım to be a peculiar characteristic of this university.  Its suburban campus provides a tranquil environment to work and study, and its progressive mentality allows it to advance every day.  I am grateful to my university for giving me an excellent education as well as great friends.
I received distinguished education that guides my life from Atılım University's economics department between 2004 and 2008.  This experience and the educators at Atılım helped me plan my career and form an outlook on life.  I have learned to be a "world citizen" in addition to being a Turkish citizen at Atılım.  I frequentle use the knowledge and the social skills I improved at Atılım in my professional and personal life. The joy of chatting with friends while enjoying Gölbaşı Lake's view will remain with me as a pleasant memory.  Thank you Atılım and its valuable staff for my education and training.  I am proud to be an Atılım graduate.
Çağıl Özge ÖZKUL
I am a senior in the economics program at Atılım.  I have been the highest ranked student in the program and I expect to graduate this summer summa cum laude.  Within the last four years, the program made significant progress in its educational system and social capabilities such as conferences and seminars.  As an extracurricular activity, I do modelling.  I took part in many fashion shows and promotional events for well known designers, and represented my country in international events.  I benefited from my education at Atılım in all aspects of life.  The economics department improves itself continously and keeps abreast of the developments in the economics field in Turkey and abroad.  Atılım University makes its students and alumni proud.  As its motto goes: They "leave a mark on the future"! 

I started my undergraduate degree in Atılım University in 2008. An advancing educational institution as Atılım University, has contributed a lot to my future vision. I have attained not only theoretical but also career related experience during my four-year economics education.  In addition to my educational attainments, the extracurricular activities as the social events that we have organized under Atılım University Economics Community, are notable for being the cornerstones in my undergraduate education. I have gotten the chance to fulfill my career objectives by starting to work as a management consultant in “Ernst and Young (EY)” in 2014, in the light of the education and experience that I had attained during my bachelor’s degree. I have realized that the educational attainments contributed a lot to my career and I have found the chance to relate the information that I had learnt during my bachelor’s degree, to my working field. I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to my instructors who have conveyed their experience and have provided the opportunities to better ourselves in the related field. 

I am the second highest ranking student in my class.  When I completed my English-preparation in my first year, I was nervous to start the program in economics as I had not had much knowledge about economics at the time.  However, my concern disappeared shortly after the I started the program thanks to my professors.  I now love my field of study, and I feel well prepared for a career in economics.  At Atılım, professors are always approachable and they always welcome ideas and discussions.  Also, many activities on campus keep education at Atılım lively!